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You can get a pricing estimate from Studio-Solution. All you have to do is fill in the amount of words and type of translation. The price charged by the Studio-Solution translations team will show immediately. The same price will be charged for all translations.

This service is free and does not bind you to anything whatsoever.

Once again you can enjoy the best price for translations.

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Normal translation costs: £0.05 per word, 24 hours for every 1500 words
Rush translation costs: £0.10 per word, more than 1500 words within 24 hours
Note: We can only translate from English to any other language and visa versa.

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Studio-Solution provides accurate translations, on different subjects, in 19 different languages. Every document will be translated by a native speaker, ensuring you a perfect transformation.

We provide this service at the best price!

To use our service please fill in the form below. All we need are your contact details, the document(s) and the requested language.

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