Correct use of links in SEO


The world wide web is constructed by links. These links are the association that's created by the foundation of hypertext. The basics of the world wide web is that you link to websites you like and other websites will link to your webpage.

Every webpage on every site on the internet is interwoven and interlinked to another. The search engine crawlers (or spiders) will crawl through these links to find the most relevant web pages, according to the string inserted by the Internet users. The more links your website has, the faster the crawlers will find your website. Lesser links decrease the changes of your website to rank amongst the top pages of the search engines.

Search engines do not simply check the quantity of links on your website but they also check the quality, this means they check if these links are relevant and if you link to high ranked pages.

SEO is concerned about two types of links, being “inbound” and “outbound” links.

  • booking engineOutbound links are links that originate from your website and interconnect to another website.
  • booking engineInbound links on the other hand, are links starting on other websites going to yours. Inbound links are often referred to as backlinks.


Backlinks, or inbound links, are crucial since they serve as a measure stick of the popularity of your website among internet users. Some backlinks are considered good and some bad. Backlinks are not equal because they depend on the reputation of the website that connects to your page.

Search engines consider backlinks to be links coming from relevant websites with similar themes or subjects.

Links from suspicious places, like link farms, are considered bad backlinks. Therefore these should be avoided at all times. If there are links which are hooked to your website without your knowledge, it's best to decline or remove them immediately.

If you are just starting to build your online connections you can obtain backlinks from different web directories. Webmasters of different websites often negotiate terms so links between websites can be exchanged. If you plan on doing this make sure that you are linking with good sources.

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