Search engine optimization (SEO) tips

Remember that search engine optimization (SEO) is a process which needs time. It will take a lot of effort and commitment. SEO is an ongoing process that has to be maintained if you want to get results out of it.

With the foreseen changes to happen on the world wide web, all you need to do is be ready. Remember that you are doing SEO for your readers, subscribers, or customers and search engine friendliness will follow smoothly when that is your mindset.

Here is a simple checklist to serve as a reminder:


  • booking engine Keywords in the title (the head) of the page.
  • booking engine Use the best keywords from Google Adwords.
  • booking engine Use these keywords in the right order (best to weakest).
  • booking engine Use different phrases on different pages.
  • booking engine No over-optimization.
  • booking engine 15 to 20 keywords per page.
  • booking engine Keywords are less than 255 characters.
  • booking engine Different keywords for different pages.
  • booking engine Avoiding space between keywords and comas.
  • booking engine Use file names with keywords.
  • booking engine Use main keywords 4 to 5 times in each text.
  • booking engine Every paragraph should be titled with keywords.


  • booking engine The most important keywords and content should always be placed in the first 160 characters
  • booking engine A good description contains keywords.
  • booking engine A description cannot be longer than 255 characters.


  • booking engine The title is the most important element of your web page.
  • booking engine A good title should be no more than 8 words.
  • booking engine Avoid the use of fluff words (For example: in, on, at, and, of,...).
  • booking engine Titles should be unique for each page.
  • booking engine Title must be well written, while making use of primary keywords.


  • booking engine Avoid copy pasting in texts.
  • booking engine A decent page is at least one page of length.
  • booking engine Text should be divided into paragraphs (use the appropriate code).
  • booking engine Regularly update the content of your web pages.
  • booking engine Use google ads on each page.