Search engine optimization vs Social media optimization

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Simply put, SEO helps you optimize your website for search engines. It makes sure your website is accessible to search engine spiders, which allow your website to be indexed.

SMO stands for Social Media Optimization. SMO helps you in the process of making your website as user friendly as possible.

As you can see, we need to find the right balance between SEO and SMO to create a user friendly site that can be easily picked up and indexed by the search engines.

On this page we will give you some information on following subjects:


seo images

Images are a essential part of a successful website. They are a must since they will make your website look attractive to the eyes of the internet users, also referred to as “user friendly”. Any information placed inside the images however is not visible to the search engines.

Therefore it must be pointed out that clear text links and proper anchor text are most vital if you use images. Great images may be user friendly but they will be useless if search engines can not see and index them. A compromise must be made to make sure that the website remains SEO and SMO friendly.

Site writers and designers must closely work together as they have to agree that images must not be used for displaying text or serve as links.

Make sure to use an informative name and provide appropriate additional information if you are to put images on your website.

Movies and Animations

seo movies and animations

Movies and animations are at the same stage as the images. They are very user friendly but the search engines can't pick them up and therefore they are not SEO friendly. Flash movies for site introductions are eye catchers but search engines will miss all of the embedded contents of your welcome page.

Movies and animations have the potential to be ranking killers, especially when you think of their contents being able to be explained or presented in text. If that was the case they could be indexed by search engines.